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Feature Set
Image Characteristics
Native PE image Distribute applications as stand-alone executables that use the native PE (Portable Image) format uses by Microsoft Windows.
Native machine code No virtual machine overhead, maximum performance.
Small executable size Executables start with as little as 50 kB and require only a 30 kB runtime DLL.
Built-in resources Executable images can include runtime resources directly in the executable.
Supported Output Formats
DLL You can build standard DLLs using Smalltalk MT..
ActiveX components ActiveX servers. Smalltalk MT also lets you develop ActiveX client applications.
COM servers COM servers. You can expose multiple components in a single DLL.
OLE servers Build OLE servers, either as stand-alone executables or as in-process servers.
Win32 Console Build character-mode (console) applications.
NT Service Build Windows NT / XP service applications.
Base Image Services
Multithreading Supports:
  • Apartment-threading
  • Free-threading
  • Neutral-threading
Native Exception Handling The exception handling system is based on Win32 SEH, providing seamless integration with non-Smalltalk code.
Native floating-point format Floating-point optimization can compile floating-point operations natively using the arithmetic coprocessor. Number crunching such as 3D computations come close to C++ performance in debug mode. DirectX 8 samples run at about the same speed as their C++ counterpart.
ADO Active Data Objects allow you to access OLEDB data sources.
ASP Active Server Pages.
CMC Messaging Library for sending and receiving e-mail programmatically.
COMMLIB Library for serial communications (COM port).
Console Library for console applications.
DirectX 10 Libraries, frameworks and samples for DirectX development.
Finalization Weak collections and finalization.
ISAPI ISAPI filters and extensions for Internet Information Server.
MTS/COM+ Microsoft Transaction Server and COM+ support.
ODBC Library for accessing SQL databases using ODBC.
OLEDB Library for accessing OLEDB data sources.
Simple MAPI Library for e-mail using the Simple MAPI interface.
Sockets Library for Socket communications:
  • Asynchronous sockets (WSA)
  • Synchronous sockets
GDI+ Exposes GDI+ classes to Smalltalk code. GDI+ has many functional improvements over GDI.
Enterprise Libraries
COM Add-In Add-In framework for Microsoft Office and other Microsoft applications such as MapPoint.
TreeList A combination of a TreeView and ListView - displays items hierarchically and in columns.
GridView Tabular control that can display controls such as combo boxes in each cell. This control has been superseeded by the TreeList control
HTTP Server Multithreaded, lightweight HTTP server.
MMC MMC (Microsoft Management Console) framework to create MMC snap-ins.
MS Agents Library for using Microsoft Agents.
XML Parser and Writer Two parsers are available
  • DOM parser
  • SAX parser
SVG SVG viewer that displays SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics, ) files and can convert the output into a variety of image files, including JPEG and Windows Metafile.
C++ Source Code Full C++ source code for GDI+, DirectX and GridView control.


Version 5.6

Version 5.6 supports all Windows versions after and including Windows Vista. It includes foundation classes for DirectX 10 development and supports DirectX 10 / DirectX 11 development.

The class hierarchy allows you to develop  Windows applications that support terminal connections, fast user switching and more. Libraries have been overhauled (ODBC, sockets). GDI+, Visual Source Safe Integration, and other features like .NET hosting  are also supported.

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition targets the professional developer.

  • Additional samples and a How-to guide get you up to speed quickly.
  • Specialized libraries (HTTP, ADO, DirectX, MMC, OLEDB, SVG, and more) cover a wide range of programming topics.
  • Full source code for the following runtime DLLs: GDI+, DirectX, TreeList
  • Supported beta versions. This program allows you to test new technology with the assurance that support issues are resolved in a timely manner. 

The Enterprise Edition is ideal for the developer who needs access to pre-developed and tested frameworks for a specific business need.

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Personal Edition
The Personal Edition is a low-cost alternative for personal and educational use. While the base product is identical to the Enterprise Edition, specialized libraries and advanced support are not included.


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