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Downloads and Updates for Registered Users
Smalltalk MT Evaluation Version
Sample: Mandelbrot.ZIP

Mandelbrot draws Mandelbrot and Julia sets. The sample has been compiled with Smalltalk MT 4.0.

Sample: Clock.ZIP

This is the executable version of a simple clock program, similar to the one found in Windows. (50 kB)

Sample: Generic.ZIP

Generic is a minimalist Windows application. The main feature is that it displays the OS version in an about box using custom fonts. (45 kB)

Sample: Autorun.ZIP

Autorun is a sample that lets you turn the Autorun feature on or off, for any disk or CD player on your system. (42 kB)

Sample: StopLite

StopLite is an ActiveX demo built using Smalltalk MT Visual Components.

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