Windows Shell Library Contents

Directory Description
ActiveDesktop The IActiveDesktop interface allows a client program to manage the desktop items and wallpaper on a local computer.
Component Categories The ICatInformation interface provides methods for obtaining information about the categories implemented or required by a certain class, as well 
as information about the categories registered on a given machine.

The ICatRegister interface provides methods for registering and unregistering component category information in the Registry. This includes both the human-readable names of categories and the categories implemented/required by a given component or class.

Progress The IProgressDialog interface is exported by the progress dialog box object. This object is a generic way to show a user how an operation is progressing. 
It is typically used when deleting, uploading, copying, moving, or downloading large numbers of files. The progress dialog box object creates a modeless dialog box and allows the client to set its title, animation, text lines, and progress bar. The object then handles updating on a background thread and allows the user to cancel the 
operation. Optionally, it estimates the time remaining until the operation is complete and displays the information as a line of text.
Taskbar The ITaskbarList interface is used to control the taskbar. It allows you to dynamically add items to the taskbar, remove items from the taskbar, and activate items on the taskbar.