Maintenance Pack 2

for Smalltalk MT 4.2

Welcome to Maintenance Pack #2 for Smalltalk MT 4.2. The pack upgrades Smalltalk MT version 4.2 to 4.2b. Maintenance packs are cumulative so there is no need to install pack #1.

This document is organized into the following topics:



Installing Maintenance Pack #2 involves two steps, step 1 copies the files and step 2 installs the source code into the image.

  1. Exit Smalltalk
  2. Run the installer and select the Smalltalk MT 4.2 installation directory as target folder (it is the default target folder).

Note: Select a separate directory if you wish to keep your current installation intact. You can then copy files as needed.

Installing the Smalltalk project

  1. Launch Smalltalk MT

  2. Navigate to the folder Source\Maintenance Packs

  3. File-in the maintenance pack project.

The About box in Smalltalk MT should now display version 4.20b. To check the runtime DLL version, go to the Image Properties, Linkage page, and select STRTDLL40.dll. The box at the bottom of the page should display:

Smalltalk MT Runtime DLL, Version

Updating GDI+

If GDI+ is not installed in your image, you will automatically use the new library the next time you load the GDI+ project. Otherwise, the best procedure is to uninstall GDI+, unlink STGDIPLUS.dll, then reinstall.

Removing Maintenance Pack #2
Because the maintenance pack overwrites components that are used by the Smalltalk MT development environment, you must repair the original installation when you uninstall the maintenance pack. To uninstall, start Setup and choose Remove.

Note: If you installed to a separate directory you can remove the maintenance pack safely.


File File Version Location Description
strtdll40.dll 4.20a (Debug) Bin\Debug Updated Runtime DLL, Debug Mode
strtdll40.dll 4.20a Bin\Release Updated Runtime DLL, Release Mode
strtdll40.dbg NA Bin\Release Debug symbols for strtdll40.dll
strtdll40.dll 4.20a Redist Updated Runtime DLL, Release Mode
strtdll40.dll 4.20a (W95) Redist Updated Runtime DLL, Release Mode, for Windows 95
stgdiplus.dll 4.20a Bin\Debug Updated GDI+ DLL, Debug Mode
stgdiplus.dll 4.20a (Debug) Bin\Release Updated GDI+ DLL, Release Mode
readme_mp2.htm NA Help This help file.
STMT42_MP2.SPX NA Source\Maintenance Packs Smalltalk project for Maintenance Pack
gdiplus.def NA Source\GdiPlus Updated GDI+ Imports
gdiplus.spx NA Source\GdiPlus Updated GDI+ Smalltalk project
fix_nt4_only NA Support\Utilities\NT4 Fixes a menu editing problem on NT 4

Enhancements/Bug Fixes




Development Environment

The following problems are fixed:


Windows NT 4

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